Men for Missions is the layman’s voice of One Mission Society and is a movement born of God’s Spirit in the hearts of laymen. Through MFM thousands of men, women, young and old, from various church affiliations and all walks of life, find a channel for harnessing and releasing personal skills and abilities in practical and direct missionary involvement.

Participation in Men for Missions is open to any man who is willing to make the following spiritual commitment:

 – I will DO whatever God asks me to do

– I will Go wherever God asks me to go

– I will GIVE whatever God asks me to give

Men for Mission members help over 400 OMS missionaries by realizing their personal skills and abilities in a variety of practical, direct ways, including work teams, medical and disaster relief teams, evangelism teams, intercessory prayer teams and teams of professionals who are prepared to teach. Often teams are involved in a combination of these ministries. 

Men for Missions exists to serve Christ by assisting the world wide ministries of OMS. Our mandate is compassion, our priority is establishing the Lordship of Jesus Christ in each man’s life, and our goal is to provide opportunities for personal obedience to the Great Commission.

                                    If you are interested in joining one of our teams you can visit where you will find all our current opportunities.


One Mission Society is an inter-denominational faith mission serving worldwide in over 50 different countries. The work began in 1901 in Japan as the Oriental Missionary Society to help reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was founded by Charles and Letti Cowman, along with the Japanese evangelist Juji Nakada. Mrs. Cowman is better known for her best loved devotional ‘Streams in the Desert’.

By God’s grace, OMS – One Mission Society unites, inspires and equips Christians to make disciples of Jesus Christ, multiplying dynamic communities of believers around the world.

If you would like to learn about OMS mission teams you can click on the following link:

Scottish Charity No: SC042930

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